So today is Sunday, I took it easy. Ok, that is a flat out lie, I have been working on making my computer a local server so I can test sites I am working on, so it was very frustrating to say the least. I figured out how to make my computer a server and host sites locally for testing, but I am having other complications and had to quit before I lost it…

After taking a break and watching some football, I decided to go through my Google Reader and comment on some posts, which I sometimes like more than writing an article (some of you probably know that from the long comments I leave on your blogs!). I read a ton of blogs, for many reasons, but mainly because I like to comment on blogs. On my way through the reader, I came across a couple of blogs that have installed an annoying pop up that begs you to sign up for their email newsletter (or something else, I don’t know because I immediately close the pop-up) and it furthered my frustration, so here I am taking it out on you :-) .

Why You Shouldn’t Have a Pop-Up:

This is really a no brainer to me, THEY ARE ANNOYING! Please, please please, if you get nothing else from my blog, I hope you get this. Don’t ever even entertain the idea of putting a pop-up on your blog. Can’t you remember how annoying pop-up ads were when you were surfing the web in the 90’s and early 2000’s? Weren’t you happy when browsers came out with pop-up blockers so you didn’t have to deal with that annoyance anymore?

If you are not old enough to remember, take it from me, nobody appreciated that, and only people that buy “get rich quick” scams on late night TV ever clicked on them! If I want to sign up for your newsletter I will do it on my own. If you want to promote it by putting it in a “featured” section of your site, I am ok with that, but to send a pop-up at me that I am FORCED to close so you might build your email list up and spam people with a bunch of useless information that id actually free and on the internet somewhere anyway is utterly foolish.

It is so annoying that I now leave these sites and unsubscribe (if I was subscribed) and never turn back. I have entirely too many other useful blogs to read that are actually trying to put quality content out for people to read.

A good example of trying to put content out that people need is Blogger Illustrated , I was listening to Allyn’s latest podcast where he proceeded to commit to changing the way he puts his content out (style wise) and it was very interesting to see how he is actually trying to make a difference and change himself to help others. If you haven’t had a chance to watch his video blog, you missed some great entertainment (as long as you didn’t mind the language). I believe some of his message was getting lost in the parodies and comedy, and he really has some quality information to give, so I am looking forward to the changes he is making, but I would bet money, you won’t EVER find a pop-up on his site!

One Final Rant:

This is somewhat related. There is one blog in particular that seems to send me an email every time I comment. I get enough emails on a daily basis (over 100) and I don’t need to weed through someone thanking me for commenting, thank me in your comment, I usually subscribe to follow up comments on sites that offer it (that is another article). So, I won’t be visiting his site anymore and the content was atually good.


Don’t let your good content get last in scammy tricks to try to sell something. And I am not talking about putting ads on your site, or getting paid to promote something.

Sorry, had to rant. There are a lot of great blogs I read, and a few seem to be trying to ruin the industry….

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