Comment Links Are Advertising

There is a common theory that you must go out and comment on blogs and forums so you can get more links to your site and this will somehow increase your PageRank or rankings in SERP’s. While this is not completely untrue, it is not a main factor that you should be worrying about.

I used to think this was the way to get PR and higher rankings in the SERP’s and would continuously work on getting backlinks in this manner. It even got to the point that I was spending more time commenting than I was writing my own content. I have been testing and re-testing ways to get better SERP’s for my products and services sites over the last two years, and my findings are that these links, while they are not useless, serve a different purpose.

Using KeywordLuv Plugin

I have the plugin on my blog (along with many other plugins) and I noticed some of my regular commentators don’t take advantage of it.

The reason it is there is so you can use keywords next to your name and the actual link is the keyword instead of your name. It is simple to use, and a great way to help get an anchor text link rather than your name for the link (unless you really want to rank for yourname).

So here is a quick tutorial for using the keywordluv plugin when you see it:

That’s it! Pretty simple huh?

I also see people using keywords in the name fields and they neglect to put there actual name. I would prefer if you want the keywords, that you put your name (or nickname) first. Makes the comments more personal.

Getting links with anchor text like Blogging Tips will help your rankings for those terms (along with many other factors).

Not saying you have to do this, but I think it is helpful to you, the commentator….