Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill Information.

JUST RELEASED: The oil spill catastrophe could be leaking close to 2.0 MILLION gallons of toxic oil into the Gulf of Mexico. BP was being charged a per gallon fine by the government and continuously underestimated the number of gallons of oil leaking into the Gulf. Their relief plan included how to clean up walruses which don’t exist in that region. The complete disconnect between British Petroleum’s CEO has prompted websites all over to crucify Tony Hayward . The problem began because of negligence and rushed production and now cannot seem to be fixed. Obama has completely dropped the ball by allowing the problem to continue for nearly 60 days now. The most current information is being broadcast by CNN. The Deepwater Horizon incident has quickly become the second worst oil spill in the history of the planet Earth. The oil is destroying the eco-system and could potentially eradicate most of the marine life, if it hasn’t done so already. The reality is the spill will never be able to be cleaned up. The ecosystem will have cancer throughout the marine life and humans consuming that will likely increase their chances of getting it as well.