Changes Underway.

Over the next few weeks or months, this website will be undergoing some major changes to the interface and concept. The blog portion of this website will be moved to a blog folder so that Keith Bloemendaal @ Hot Blog Tips can continue to blog from time to time on here. The Need Information homepage now features a plethora of categories and information on a variety of topics, after all this is not just a site regarding and blog information. We will be implementing a new structure and possibly design. Because Keith is the blog information and social networking GURU , we hope that he will continue to use this blog from time to time. Thanks for visiting our website and the changes will be underway as soon as we have more time to write!!!

Why You Should Link Out:

Most bloggers/webmasters think that by mostly linking in, you’ll increase PR, increase the average amount of time a visitor spends on your site, and increase traffic. While at the surface this may be true, I believe that linking out is just as good if not better than linking in and here are my reasons why:

Secret to SEO: Expert Opinion

I really was going to wait much longer before handing out secrets on this site, but the pressure is killing me. I spend the better part of my mornings reading “ exper t” blogs and learning from the best “ gurus ” in the business. They all want you to pay for this information I am about to reveal to you. I have researched for thousands of hours to come up with this plan to boost your SEO to the next level, so feel free to link back to me so I can get credit please (I plan on writing a book later and will need all the credit I can get for this one!)