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Make It Easy To Promote YOU:

I have really been trying to “give more than I take” when it comes to blog/site promotion. I do believe that you almost have to spend as much (if not more) time promoting your “brand” as you do creating the “brand”. What I mean is, how much time do you spend researching and writing your articles vs how much time do you spend promoting your articles?

Promote Others:

For some reason so many bloggers don’t realize that to get you must give too. I have written about a challenge to promote others over on BloggerLuv , so I won’t get into this too much. But try to make it a habit to promote others too.
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Blog Engage; Build Community in 2010

Do you blog engage? If not you should be. I have spent many hours in social bookmarking sites over the last 2 years, and Blog Engage blows the rest of them away.

Blog Engage allows you to submit your articles, for other articles, and get involved in a great community of bloggers.

Blog Engage Introduction Video:

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