Do you blog engage? If not you should be. I have spent many hours in social bookmarking sites over the last 2 years, and Blog Engage blows the rest of them away.

Blog Engage allows you to submit your articles, for other articles, and get involved in a great community of bloggers.

Blog Engage Introduction Video:

I admit, I was skeptical at first, as I said I had spent hours in over a hundred different social bookmarking sites. Yes, I was one of those Blogs that had a hundred little chicklets in the bottom right of every page of my site. I have tried them all!

None of them did a thing for my site, I never got any traffic from them, the back links were pretty well worthless, and I wasted so many hours on it.

Why Is Blog Engage Different?

It is really simple to answer that question, COMMUNITY. I wrote about building community in your comments yesterday, and I think people get so wrapped up in stats, PR, and backlinks that they forget what community really is.

Blog Engage has community. The other bloggers there will support you, vote for your articles, and even mention your site on theirs. These bloggers are a different breed than most of you are used to.

I have discovered some great sites in my niche (not a very small niche, everyone want to write about blogging!) and have networked with bloggers on Blog Engage through Twittter and Facebook too.


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GO JOIN!!!!  What else are you doing to help promote your site, is it really working for you, are the referrals targeted for you? Does the traffic your current bookmarking sites you use actually comment on your articles? If not, you should check out Blog Engage right now!

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