Social Media – An Addiction

I remember when I created my first site on , it was a site related to fence products and installation methods (I was a sales manger for a fence company at the time), and my reason for starting a blog was purely to promote the company I worked for. I was compelled to do this by a friend of mine Scott Pooler , and he helped to teach me so many things I don’t know if I could ever repay him. Shortly after that, my company downsized and the owner decided to take my job. At that time, I decided to start my own fence company and hired Scott to build my site. This is where my addiction started….
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Make It Easy To Promote YOU:

I have really been trying to “give more than I take” when it comes to blog/site promotion. I do believe that you almost have to spend as much (if not more) time promoting your “brand” as you do creating the “brand”. What I mean is, how much time do you spend researching and writing your articles vs how much time do you spend promoting your articles?

Promote Others:

For some reason so many bloggers don’t realize that to get you must give too. I have written about a challenge to promote others over on BloggerLuv , so I won’t get into this too much. But try to make it a habit to promote others too.
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4 Tips to Promote Your Article

promote your blog articles through social media outlets So you researched, gathered information, brainstormed, and wrote a great article. Next you sit in front of your computer screen waiting for the traffic to come running right? Wrong! Go promote that article.

There are many, many ways to promote an article after you have written it, but I am going to only concentrate on a few of my favorites and you are more than welcome to chime in with yours in the comments below.
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6 Twitter Do’s and Don’ts:

I started using Twitter a couple of years ago when I first started blogging. I do believe that if used properly, it can be a great source for discovery and networking. I am writing this article for people that may be new to Twitter (and some that have been on it awhile) to give some advice that will help you in your quest to network on Twitter. No, I am not an expert in Twitter, but I have some experience with it and have manged multiple Twitter accounts (currently I have 4).

Before I get into my list, I want to say that Twitter has become more and more “spammy” and there are tons of “make money on Twitter” scams out there. I am not into that scene at all. Yes it is ok to promote your site and throw links out, but I try to also engage in conversation as well, as a matter of fact, if you don’t mix in re-tweets, replies and basic tweets with your promotional tweets, I will usually get tired of it and unfollow you.
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