Employee Well Being Info

Employee well-being encompasses the physical, mental, and emotional heath of a worker and it is a key ingredient to a successful business venture. If employee well-being is not recognized as a necessity, it is likely that the business will have a high attrition rate coupled with a low production rate. Morale would be another synonym. Take this information into consideration.

In business it makes sense to use the available resources to gain the maximum benefit or profit. Like almost all business resources, if employees are neglected or treated badly, they will not produce the desired benefit. Negative effects of low employee well-being can manifest themselves as: low morale among workers, high attrition rate, high stress levels, and poor attitudes. High stress levels can lead to more serious conditions such as anxiety, depression, or high blood pressure.

However, positive effects of a good employee well-being can be demonstrated by: high morale among workers, positive attitudes, high commitment to the employer, and willingness to help out other employees.

To obtain a good employee well-being, the company must be willing to help their employees. Studies show that work satisfaction is very important. In a recent poll conducted by economics they found that 52% of people say they like their job, 30% of people do not like their job, and 18% of people didn't have a job. Those who liked their job tended to work fewer hours and be paid more than those who did not like their job. Salary and the amount of working hours are certainly two important aspects of employee well-being, but they are not the only thing that a company should consider.

A high stress level on the job can affect family relationships after the work day is over and in turn affect the productivity of the employee. Employers can reduce stress by monitoring the work environment and making sure they are not overwhelming their employees with work. If there is more work than an employee can handle alone, that employee is likely to have a high stress level. Providing plenty of employees to do the work is crucial to reducing stress. Fostering a friendly environment among the employees is also a way to reduce the amount of tension and stress that the employees experience.

Flexible work schedules are an option that companies should consider, if possible. The work-life balance is an aspect that is often overlooked by employers because the employer is focusing on the work, not the employee. Giving the employee the option to work a flexible work schedule is one way the business can help the work-life balance of the employee.

Benefits such as health insurance, dental insurance and free gym memberships are perks that can promote employee well-being. Almost 1/3 of companies now offer health insurance benefits that provide a wellness program, should the employee need it. The physical health of the employee is crucial to the employee performing at maximum efficiency. Providing free cholesterol checks, free hearing loss screenings, teaching proper hand washing techniques, providing free hand sanitizers and making sure drinking water is available to all employees are some small steps that employers can take to improve the health of its employees.

During harsh economic times, it is a good idea for companies to consider the effects of the economy on their employees. Bringing in a financial planner or a speaker to talk about budgeting can be extremely helpful for employees and help to reduce personal stress.. Discounts to local attractions or local stores and child care vouchers have also become popular benefits for employers to offer.

Several prominent, successful companies have recognized the importance of employee well-being and made adjustments in their businesses. IBM offers two $150 rebates per year to their employees if they meet certain health targets such a exercising three times a week. Weyerhaeuser Corporation states on the their website that, “To succeed, we must inspire ingenuity, nurture talent and create an inclusive workplace where people thrive and grow.” Truly, employee well-being is an aspect of business that employers must consider.