To Be Or Not To Be:
A Career As A Consultant

Are you the kind of person who itches to critique any performance before you for no other reason than that you simply enjoy analysis? Is your mind constantly bubbling with ideas that seem to come from nowhere? Do you naturally perceive numerous angles in the same situation? Perhaps you should consider a career in consulting. A career in consulting means making a living generating ideas for businesses and organizations for their own growth or just to see them safely through tough times. It’s a wonderful career, but is it for you? Here are a few things to consider.

When businesses hire a consultant, they are looking for a type of wizard who can come in, make a thorough search of the entire enterprise and simply fix it or make it better. You must therefore be the type of person who enjoys solving problems for people and an excellent people manager. A consultant career or business involves dealing with people on a one-to-one basis and you must know how to communicate well.

Education is another important consideration in deciding whether a consultant career is for you. Most consultants have MBAs and usually were top performing students. The field however is expanding rapidly and experience and expertise in different fields has become an asset. All the same, it is preferable to earn an MBA if you can. However, the success of a career in consulting ultimately rests on talent and competence.

A consultant can be a generalist or a specialist consultant. To be a specialist consultant you must be a guru in that particular field. Many specialists are technology consultants due to the fundamental role that technology plays in modern business. Otherwise, you need to be an informed generalist at the cutting edge of information to ensure that you are able to come up with the most relevant and effective ideas for that particular organization.

One may wish to pursue a career working for a consulting firm or alternatively, build your own business. As in any other business, a consulting business requires a great deal of thought, experience and preparation. A successful consulting business is built on referrals from satisfied clients to other potential clients. Therefore, put all your emphasis on providing your client with the best possible results. Make sure you have a strong client base before fully plunging into ownership of your own business.

A consultant career, if pursued correctly, can be one of the most fulfilling paths to take. It offers intellectual challenge, a rewarding income and a chance to build great long-term relationships with many clients. One of its many advantages is its potential to thrive in economic down times. Since Consultants are also crisis managers, they are part of the privileged minority who are in a position to gain when the economy takes a down turn. Ultimately, if you are a great thinker and a people-person, you are guaranteed a most satisfying career in consulting. All you need is a critical eye, a bird’s eye-view and a limitless store-house of ideas.

If you decide that this career opportunity is not for you there are plenty of other careers and information about other industries that may suit you better.