Information Technology is the development, installation, and implementation of computer systems and applications. An information technology career is an exciting career that is full of diverse opportunities for anyone who enjoys working with computer technology, mathematics and science.

Although the main goal of anyone in an information technology career is to ensure the technology products are reliable and effective, the term information technology career can actually refer to many different jobs . This career field includes computer software engineers, computer hardware engineers, computer programmers, computer support specialists and computer system analysts. It may also include information technology managers who have a computer technology background and oversee a number of computer technology professionals. The information technology manager will often develop requirements for a project, set schedules and deadlines, manage the monetary budget and completely oversee the project development from beginning to end.

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An information technology career begins with a college education specializing in computer science, computer engineering, physical science or mathematics. The field a student specializes in will dictate what section of information technology that the person will work in. Different jobs have different educational requirements as well as different salaries. Once a person has a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, he or she can begin to seek professional employment. Often a person with an information technology career will be continuing in education throughout the length of his or her career. Technology changes quickly because of the development of new products and the demand for better, faster products. Because of these changes, a person in the information technology field will need to attend training and receive certification to continue working the best he or she can. Training can help the professional to stay up-to-date with the newest productions and applications. It is also common for an individual to pursue a master's degree in addition to other education.

The salary for someone in an information technology career will vary based on where the person is employed, how long he or she has been employed with the company, the type of specialization, training and certification that the person has obtained and the person’s job performance. The job performance, in particular, can have an important effect of the individual’s salary. If the employee can not produce a reliable, marketable, useful product or service, then there is great likelihood that the employer will not continue to give the person pay raises, benefits or even employment.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, median annual salaries vary for different information technology professionals and can range from $43,450 to $85,000 or higher. Both computer hardware engineers and computer software engineers are among the top paid information technology professionals; however, computer hardware engineers do usually make a higher salary than computer software engineers. Computer specialists are among the lowest paid professionals in the information technology industry.

Individuals employed in an information technology career usually work full-time in an office or laboratory setting where they can comfortably provide the type of information technology services that they specialize in. An information technology professional may be employed by private corporations, research facilities, the military or a government agency.

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Some positions that are encompassed by information technology are: